How to use this site

This is an attempt to describe how to use FPFSS.

Basic usage

I'm not going to describe here how to curate games, we have tons of resources on that on the wiki. This site is just a management system so that our poor staff members don't have to dig through a linear list of 10k+ discord messages anymore.

Submitting a curation

You head over to the Submit page. You choose the file(s) from your computer and click upload. The only supported filetypes are zip and 7z, which is perfectly not important if you've used Core to create your curation (which you should and if you're not, then you're doing it wrong). You can select how many files should be uploaded in parallel. 2 queues should be good enough for everybody though. You click upload. The files will start uploading, showing you a nice progress bar and some text for each file. After the upload is done, you will receive a link to the submission. Or an error telling you that you've uploaded an exact duplicate. Or some other error, usually with a descriptive message attached. If your curation is incorrect, you can upload a fixed version - there is an upload button on the submission's page. If you have uploaded something by mistake and want to delete it, ask @Dri0m (with a reason explaining why and a link to the submission, please).

User roles

The site respects your discord roles and grants you appropriate permissions. Users without any roles can upload only one submission and interact only with this one submission. The filesize is limited as well. Trial curators can upload as many submissions as they want, but they can still interact only with their own submissions. Staff members (curators) can interact with all submissions. Curators and testers specifically can test and verify the submissions (and request changes). Some specific users can mark submissions as added to flashpoint.

Submission flowchart

  • User A uploads a curation.
  • The bot checks it and posts a comment.
  • If the bot is not happy, user A must upload a corrected version, otherwise the submission will not move forward.
  • The system searches the database for possible duplicates and posts a pink comment if it finds any candidates. You should check the found submissions and verify that you are not submitting a duplicate.
  • User B assigns the submission for testing.
  • User B downloads the (newest) submission file and tests it.
  • User B approves the submission, or requests changes. If changes are requested, user A should upload a fixed version.
  • User C assigns the submission for verification.
  • User C double-checks everything and confirms that the playable entity in question is working on their copy of Flashpoint (or core) as well.
  • User C verifies or requests changes. If changes are requested, user A should upload a fixed version.
  • User D downloads the curation and adds it to the Flashpoint master copy.
  • User D marks the submission as added to Flashpoint. From this point onwards, the submission is considered closed. Any further changes should be dealt with via bug reports and pending fixes.
submission flowchart


You will receive notifications in the discord notification channel. You can configure the type of notification on your profile page on this site. You also receive notifications only on the submissions that you're subscribed to. By default, you are subscribed to every submission where you upload a file - aka your own submissions and those where you have uploaded a fixed version. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to a submission using a button on the submission's page. You will also receive notifications in a channel that logs every file uploaded to the site, I recommend simply muting this channel, it's really just a log, and it pings people to link the message to them.

Bug reports and pending fixes for curations

Not implemented, use discord.

Suggestions and bug reports for the site

Use GitHub.